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Mobile Bar
If you want to find out for yourself, you need to sign up for and get the clues.

Opening times:
Friday and Saturday: 5pm - 1am

Prices: Cocktails start from £7

London's mobile bar

I accidentally discovered Where is the Fourth Wall, a wandering bar, for the first time while walking around in Camden, and I was eager to do it all over again.

But finding it again was harder than I thought.

After signing up, I received a cryptic e-mail full of letters, words and numbers that didn't make sense. But deciphering these codes would be my clue to finding this mobile bar that changes venue every weekend.

Lost in dark alleys, my vision blurred with London's first snowfall. After 30 minutes of searching, I found the secret location - it was at the UK headquarters of Amnesty International.

Now in Shoreditch, the venue may have changed but as I entered, I quickly realised that the vibe and the aesthetic were the same.

Old-fashioned feel

The vintage wallpaper, old furniture, mirrored wardrobe and dimly lit lamp complete the signature look of Where is the Fourth Wall.

It reminds you of your grandmother's living room— the warmth and cosines coupled with the setting give you that old-fashioned vibe.

While people mostly find out about the bar through word of mouth, some just happen to discover it by chance. A couple, who didn't want to be named and are regulars at the bar, say it makes their weekend more interesting.

"We actually decode the secret to find the bar," says one of them who has subscribed to the bar's email list. They are two of the 6,000 email subscribers who get their code on a weekday to start their hunt for the weekend.

Slightly on the alternative London nightlife, Where is the Fourth Wall, tries to break away from the mundane weekend bar hopping, says Richard Ling, the manager and bartender for the wandering bar. "It's more like an adventure," he adds.

Almost a secret

And the adventure continues when you unwind and sit down for a drink. Don't expect regular glass. This place is highly inspired from the past, particularly the prohibition period in the United States of America.

From 1920 to 1933, the manufacture and sale of alcohol was banned in the US, leading people to drink in secrecy.

And at this (almost) secret bar too, some of the drinks are served in teacups and others in jam jars like the classic Old Fashioned drink – a concoction of sugar, bitters and Bourbon.

However, the music is a constant reminder that despite the vintage walls and drink selection, you are in fact in the present. The electro pop in the background, along with swing and dub step that slowly improves as the night darkens, are just another reason to stay into the late hours and also to come back again.

But for that you need to wait and decipher the codes. Let the bar hunt begin.

Bibek Bhandari